Above and Below a city in Belgium

Last weekend I went to one of the bigger cities in Belgium with my love and my dad for some action. A night full of adventures above and below the city. We started with a plan to go to the metro to check out a tunnel which we thought was supposed to end in the metro, in the end there was nothing but concrete, but still a nice place to take a picture.

The second stop was in the middle of the city, we wanted to do a rooftop but ended in the metro so we spent some time over there. Eventually we found our way to a rooftop. We had to go 25 floors up. There was no elevator so it was by stairs. Once at the top we need some time to chill out because we were exhausted, well at least I was. We spent the night at 100 metres high and enjoyed the city skyline. This is where we ended the night at 4:30 in the morning.

The port house of Antwerp

It was a beautiful evening when I got to join Bert on a trip to Antwerp to take some photographs of the new port house in Antwerp. We arrived pretty early so there was still some time left for a nice evening walk around the quay.

The making off 😉


Another making off 😉

We went back on time and enjoyed the monumental building, lit up at night.

Museum aan de Stroom (MAS) @ Antwerp

It was a very nice summer evening in Antwerp. The week after photographing the port building, Bert en I went back to take some more photos in Antwerp but this time we chose the MAS. You can enjoy the view over Antwerp for free but we needed to go up 10 floors to reach the top.

We actually went there to take pictures of the MAS at night, but I was really not happy with the result, the building was not lit up and there was a very bright white light inside dominating the pictures. Maybe I’ll be able to make something out of it and I’ll post the later.