La Vallée de la Hoëgne (Hockai, België)

Let’s do a throwback to one of the hikes Bert, Stefan and I did this autumn. A couple of weeks ago was the best time for fall foliage in the high fens. So about time that we went back to a place we visited before. The first time we went here, it was raining all day. We can take a couple of raindrops but our cameras can’t. Also this time, it was raining but luckily we were able to shoot some pictures in between the raindrops. I was very skeptic about the result but I must say that I really like photographing these kinds of things. It’s because I like water and sometimes you have to put the tripod in the river and look for a stable position yourself. I like to get my feet wet.

but let’s take a look at the result of this nice hike.




Wild camping @ Les Hautes Fagnes

We’re coming close to autumn and that means colors everywhere! The autumn officially starts on the 21st of September but a lot of trees are already coloring red, orange and brown and leafs are already to be found on the ground. So Stefan, Bert and I went to a different region of the Ardennes this time, the area around the high fens. There are some beautiful spots over there.

This weekend, we started off in Monschau, to take some photographs at the blue hour. It’s a very picturesque town with a lot of nice buildings. They call it the pearl of the Eifel region. The Rur, the river you can also see on the photographs, cuts the little town in half. I definitely need to go back to check out all the views and the castle during the day.



Afterwards Bert drove us to a parking lot we found which was perfect for a wild camping night. When we tried to sleep, I heard some animals around the tent. Nothing happened but it was nice and surprising to hear.


I was already awake very early the next morning so I went exploring the neighbourhood for a small hour and I walked next to the little river close by.. When I started my morning walk it was still muddy, cold and cloudy but after some time the sun cut through the clouds and it really felt like autumn.



When Bert and Stefan were ready to go, we went for a hike. Along the way we passed what appeared to be the highest point of Belgium, ‘Le signal de Botrange’. It’s said to be 694 meters high but it didn’t feel like this at all, but still nice to drop by. Just to see and to check off the checklist.




We walked through the valley of La Statte following the Hoëgne and passed Les rocher de Bilisse. The platforms and trails led us to the Cascade the Nutons. I am pleasantly surprised with the results I found on my camera. After having some fun with the foam that pilled up on the riverbanks we decided to hike back, eat something and return home again.



Camping @ Bouillon

We can’t get enough of the camping life so we hit the road again this weekend. The weather forecast was bad for the weekend and it already started raining on Friday evening when we left and hit the road to Bouillon. It was storming and Bert had a hard time driving the van through the rain. Since it’s getting dark very early already, we arrived to our feeling pretty late, but it was only around 21h. This time, we went for a real camping, so the only thing we had to do was searching for a good spot for a van and a tent, after 1 round around the camping we found a spot somewhere not that far from the river. It was raining the whole evening, night and even in the morning but luckily not that hard anymore.

We got ready and so we left for the first spot to prepare some food.

We took a small hike to the Bevéldère de Bouillon. Along the trail there were some blackberries and the trial had a really nice texture at some point. I regret not taking a photograph of it. Once at the top we got a stunning view over bouillon. It was a magical moment when it started raining over bouillon. The sun break through the clouds and the fog rose out of the woods. There was a little bit of hope for a rainbow but that didn’t happen.

Afterwards, we visited bouillon and the castle itself. It was a nice walk since the sun warmed us.

In the evening we continued our visit in Bouillon to create some photographs during the blue hour.

On Sunday we went on a trip along the Semois river, we started driving back and had some views to check out. Bert had already seen them and I was happy Stefan and I also got the chance to see them since they were very nice! We switched to parking life and started off with a view in Botassart, Le tombeau du Géant.

The next stop was Le point de vue sur Frahan.

The last stop was in Bohan

We even tried to do some urban exploring which I haven’t done since a very long time. But unfortunately, it was a no-go.

Back to Kanne again and finished our trip at the usual snack bar.

The port house of Antwerp

It was a beautiful evening when I got to join Bert on a trip to Antwerp to take some photographs of the new port house in Antwerp. We arrived pretty early so there was still some time left for a nice evening walk around the quay.

The making off 😉


Another making off 😉

We went back on time and enjoyed the monumental building, lit up at night.

Fireworkfestival @ Knokke

Stefan and I went to Knokke at the Belgian coast for a day and went to see the fireworks festival. I learned from my last visit to Ostend and we left early to start driving. We didn’t have any major traffic jams this time and arrived around 13.30u. I always get stressed about finding a proper parking spot so you can’t believe how happy I was when we found one only 5 minutes walking to the sea-dike.

The first thing we did was going into the sea with our feet and walk a little bit. After that, we went to search for something to eat. We found something a continued to walk to the right side of Knokke, to the Dutch border. There were some areas with a lot of kite-surfers and I hope I’ll be able to try it sometime in the future, it seemed really fun.

After a long walk, we needed to go back to the car and get a new parking ticket to avoid a fine. We continued our walk to the left side of the sea-dike. This side was more fun. We collected some shells, walked in the Directeur-Generaal Willemspark, ate something and went back because it was getting late already and we need to start searching for a good photo spot.

Last time I didn’t have all the fireworks on my screen, so I was prepared. There was music and it was a real show this time. We really enjoyed the fireworks. It didn’t last as long as the one in Ostend though.