La Vallée de la Hoëgne (Hockai, België)

Let’s do a throwback to one of the hikes Bert, Stefan and I did this autumn. A couple of weeks ago was the best time for fall foliage in the high fens. So about time that we went back to a place we visited before. The first time we went here, it was raining all day. We can take a couple of raindrops but our cameras can’t. Also this time, it was raining but luckily we were able to shoot some pictures in between the raindrops. I was very skeptic about the result but I must say that I really like photographing these kinds of things. It’s because I like water and sometimes you have to put the tripod in the river and look for a stable position yourself. I like to get my feet wet.

but let’s take a look at the result of this nice hike.




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